Best Value For Your Tower Locations


CTI Towers has acquired hundreds of wireless infrastructure assets since 2011, and continues to look for opportunities to expand its tower portfolio.  CTI Towers has the financial resources and a seasoned team ready to move quickly and purchase tower portfolios of all sizes.  The CTI team has collectively purchased thousands of towers during their wireless careers.  With this deep understanding of the U.S. and Caribbean tower markets, CTI Towers has the ability to give all sellers an accurate assessment of the value of the towers that may become available for sale.


If you have a tower on your property and are thinking of selling the property, CTI will assist you in making sure you receive maximum value from the tower. We believe the individuals who assisted in the growth of the wireless industry by allowing towers on their property, should receive maximum benefit, even after the property has been sold.


CTI is dedicated to developing and nurturing long-term relationships with tower developers throughout the country. We are interested in working with developers who bring local market knowledge and a sustained pipeline to the table. Please contact us to discuss ways to match our strength in financing and marketing with your local knowledge.


As wireless carriers maximize their network coverage, urban and suburban buildings have become prime opportunities to assist in the goal of seamless wireless coverage. CTI can assist with making these roof-top locations available to all wireless carriers, thereby increasing recurring revenue and the value of commercial property.