Tower Leasing


Whether coverage or capacity needs, LTE and AWS augmentations, or future 5G or IoT test sites, CTI Towers wants to resolve your needs fast and easily.  Our staff is here to assist and make your experience the best in the tower industry. We offer aggressive lease rates and believe that assisting carriers with their current high rates is both a win for CTI Towers and the carriers.

The lease process commences with the filing of an application, which details the proposed loading on the tower and associated ground space needs.  There is no fee for the initial application to be filed.


Additional equipment and cables add to the wind loading and stress of towers. To ensure the structural compliance with all regulations, CTI Towers requires a structural analysis to be performed by state-licensed structural engineers for each client deployment and/or modification. CTI Towers manages this process in-house to ensure evaluation consistency in each structrual analysis by its engineers.


CTI is committed to safety in this high altitude profession. The company only allows certified tower climbers to perform work on its towers. The company has an approved-vendor process that ensures the proper insurance and safety programs are in place. Having approved vendors performing work allows clients to have the fastest deployment with the fewest issues.