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AT&T Mobility plans to deploy elements of LTE Advanced network technology in order to increase the capacity of its network rather than increase the download speeds available to users, according to a top carrier executive here at the Mobile World Congress trade show.

Speaking at FierceWireless' "The Road to LTE Advanced" luncheon, AT&T's Kris Rinne said that AT&T will first deploy the carrier aggregation component of the LTE Advanced standard as it adds a second carrier to its existing LTE network. "We're not really changing the speed discussion," said Rinne, senior vice president of network technologies in AT&T Labs. "It's more about doing an efficient utilization of the spectrum."

Rinne said that users' peak speeds may increase, but AT&T is deploying the technology to ensure it can meet users' data demands as more customers start using LTE. She said the carrier's advertised data speeds likely won't change. Read the full article