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AT&T Mobility has started using carrier aggregation technology in Chicago and other markets to boost LTE capacity and speeds on its network, but it will be a little while before many customers can take advantage of the upgraded network.

According to GigaOM, Kris Rinne, senior vice president of network technologies in AT&T Labs, confirmed the carrier is using the LTE Advanced technology in Chicago, but she declined to identify the other markets. Carrier aggregation allows carriers to meld together disparate bands of spectrum for wider channels, thus supporting faster download speeds and additional network capacity.

In the case of Chicago, AT&T is using carrier aggregation to transmit over both 700 MHz spectrum and 2100 MHz AWS spectrum. Combining the two bands will allow AT&T to produce a 15 MHz-wide downlink, increasing theoretical download speeds to around 110 Mbps, according to GigaOM. Rinne said that as AT&T adds more frequencies to it LTE network in new metro areas it will also start aggregating them. Read the full article