Wireless Industry News

More than 2 million customers have signed up for the unlimited data plan AT&T launched less than two months ago, CFO John Stephens said this morning. "We had 500,000 in the first two weeks of the program, and that was really without any advertising," Stephens told attendees at an investor conference today. "We've done a little bit of advertising and the number's over 2 million now."

The $100-a-month plan offers unlimited data to users who are also subscribers of DirecTV, which AT&T acquired last year. Additional lines are $40 a month, and a fourth line costs nothing.

"When you think about a customer who's buying our wireless services from us, buying video services from us, and then oftentimes buying broadband services from us, they could be paying us three or four hundred dollars a month," he said. "We're going to make sure we treat them with the appropriate respect and are giving them a great deal." Read More