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AT&T reiterates previous plans to shut down its GSM-based 2G network by end of 2016, citing need to refarm spectrum.

AT&T says network data traffic grew 100,000% between Jan. 2007 and Dec. 2014, and, as such, the carrier needs to shut down its GSM-based 2G network to shift spectrum capacity to its 3G and LTE networks. The planned shutdown date is Jan. 1, 2017. 

According to AT&T, the company “expects to fully discontinue service on our 2G network by approximately Jan. 1, 2017. As AT&T progressively frees up valuable spectrum for our mobile broadband network, we may conclude that some markets or territories need to turn down 2G service prior to the nationwide turn down. In cases where we’re turning down AT&T’s owned and operated 2G network, we’ll communicate with specific details regarding impacted subscribers well in advance of turning down the network and work hard to ensure their mobile communications needs are met throughout the process. We’re committed to working closely with customers to make this process as easy as possible.” Read More