Wireless Industry News

The FCC has revealed the identities of the winning bidders in the AWS-3 spectrum, and AT&T was the biggest bidder, with close to $18.2 billion in provisionally winning bids, roughly in line with analysts' expectations. Verizon Wireless wound up bidding $10.43 billion, less than many analysts had expected (most had expected Verizon to bid $15 billion to $20 billion).

In a major surprise, Dish Network wound up bidding a net total of close to $10 billion (and $13.3 billion in gross provisional winning bids; Dish's designated bidding entities NorthStar Wireless, LLC and SNR Wireless LicenseCo, LLC  got a 25 percent discount). Most analysts had expected Dish to bid at most $6 billion and likely far less. T-Mobile US bid $1.77 billion, below analysts' expectations of $2 billion to $3 billion.

Bidding in the auction ended Thursday after 341 rounds and total of $44.899 billion in provisional winning bids. A total of 65 MHz of spectrum was auctioned, including 50 MHz of paired spectrum and 15 MHz of unpaired uplink spectrum. Out of a total of 70 eligible bidding entities, 31 walked away with spectrum. When taking into account discounts, the auction had net proceeds of $41.329 billion. Read the full article