Wireless Industry News

LTE remained the overarching topic of conversation here at the Competitive Carriers Association conference, with some smaller carriers opting to hold off on the technology while others plunged full-steam ahead into the market for high-speed wireless connections. The issue continues to remain critical as Sprint looks to partner with smaller operators for LTE buildouts, while vendors like Ericsson work to sell LTE equipment to new customers.

One carrier that has remained on the LTE sidelines so far is iWireless, a T-Mobile US affiliate (T-Mobile owns a stake in iWireless) that owns and operates a network that covers most of Iowa. Craven Shumaker, iWireless' president and CEO, said that the company has been upgrading its network to HSPA+ technology for the past two years, including the network in Des Moines that it bought from T-Mobile last year.

Shumaker said the iWireless continues to evaluate its LTE options but said the company has made no decisions yet. Read the full article