Wireless Industry News

RCR Wireless News Editor-in-Chief Dan Meyer was joined by Bill Ho, principal analyst at 556 Ventures, to dig into just what we witnessed and what to expect from the operators heading into 2016.

AT&T Mobility’s overall growth numbers outpaced those from Verizon Wireless, which said it added 1.4 million “retail” connections in Q4, though AT&T Mobility’s postpaid growth was just one-third of the 1.5 million net connections reported by its most direct rival.

Sprint managed less than one-quarter of AT&T Mobility’s overall growth for the quarter, though it did manage to nearly match it larger rival in terms of postpaid growth.

Verizon Wireless looks to maintain its steady growth in the lucrative postpaid space while also bolstering its Go90 mobile video platform.

T-Mobile US appears set to continue dominating the postpaid smartphone segment, with strong support from its MetroPCS prepaid business. Read More