Wireless Industry News

To the surprise of few, Dish Network walked away with all 176 licenses up for grabs during the Federal Communications Commissions’ recently completed H-Block spectrum auction. The auction ended last Thursday after more than a month of bidding that raised just over $1.5 billion for the national treasury.

Dish Network participated in the auction under its American H Block Wireless bidding entity, and in the end out-bid the 22 other qualified participants for the 10-megahertz of spectrum in the upper 1.9 GHz band. Qualified bidders include a number of entities labeled under the names of individuals as well as a handful of established telecom operators like Ntelos, NE Colorado Cellular and Puerto Rico Telephone Co.

Most of the wireless industry’s larger players passed on the H-Block, instead focusing their efforts on the upcoming AWS-3 and 600 MHz incentive auction. Read the full article