Wireless Industry News

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday kicked off an auction of low-frequency spectrum relinquished by television broadcasters to wireless companies and other bidders that are seeking new airwaves to build and improve wireless networks.


The so-called "broadcast incentive" auction is considered one of the FCC's most complex and ambitious spectrum auctions to date.


The first step is a "reverse auction," where the government recovers spectrum from broadcasters that will voluntarily give up airwaves either to go off the air for a payout or be shifted to another frequency band for a smaller sum.


Of the 1,800 eligible broadcasters, an undisclosed number submitted applications to take part. Eligible broadcasters have until 6 p.m. EDT Tuesday to submit a binding agreement to take part.The reverse auction should be completed by summer and will be followed by a "forward" auction, where the government sells to telecommunications operators and other bidders the spectrum, which it will package into new bands. The results of that auction are expected by October. Read More