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T-Mobile US' aggressive pricing strategies--such as cheaper rate plans and the elimination of early termination fees--may serve as a roadblock to any potential takeover attempt by Sprint.

According to a Bloomberg report, which queried various experts, T-Mobile's highly touted "uncarrier" program is disrupting the wireless market and helping create the type of competition regulators want in the wireless industry. And therefore, regulators will be less likely to approve any potential acquisition attempt by another U.S. operator such as Sprint.

As part of its uncarrier effort, T-Mobile has introduced no-contract rate plans, killed international data roaming, allowed customers to upgrade their devices up to two times per year, and reimbursed new customers for the early termination fees they incur when they switch to T-Mobile from another major U.S. operator. Since launching its uncarrier campaign, T-Mobile has reported millions of new customer additions; the carrier said it added around 1.645 million new subscribers in the fourth quarter. Read the full article