Wireless Industry News

U.S. Cellular splashed back into the national wireless subscriber competition Friday with an offer of 6GB of data for just $40 per month and up to $300 in promotional cards.

T-Mobile is currently running a promotion offering 6GB of data for $30 per month for a family of four. The Un-carrier’s 6GB Simple Choice plan regularly runs $65 per month, not including any device payments.

Verizon, which switched last year to a simplified plan price structure, currently charges $60 per month for 6GB on its large plan.

Sprint doesn’t offer a 6GB plan, but instead lets customers choose between 4GB of data for $50 per month and 8GB of data for $70 per month. However, customers seeking a lower price point can get 1GB of high speed data and unlimited 2G data for $20 per month.

AT&T offers 5GB of data for $50 per month plus a monthly access charge on its Mobile Share Value plan. Big Blue is currently holding a promotion that replaces its 10GB step with 15 GB of data for $100. Read More