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Verizon Wireless intends to allow its rural LTE roaming partners to gain access to its AWS spectrum to enhance capacity on their LTE networks, according to a Verizon executive.

In an interview with FierceWireless, Verizon's Philip Junker said Verizon has "entered into leases for AWS spectrum" with an unspecified number of its LTE in Rural America (LRA) partners. Verizon launched the LRA program in 2010 to expand LTE service in rural parts of the country via partners; Verizon's first partner carriers launched service in 2012. Verizon now counts 21 partners, 18 of which have launched LTE service, Junker said.

Junker, Verizon's executive vice president of business development and the head of the LRA program, noted that LRA members lease Verizon's 700 MHz Upper C Block spectrum. They then build out their own networks and sell service to their own customers, but have access to Verizon's network vendors, LTE device portfolio and their subscribers can roam onto Verizon's nationwide LTE network and the networks of other LRA partners. The program allows Verizon to quickly and cheaply build out rural areas. Read the full article