Wireless Industry News

Verizon Communications is seen by many in a leadership position in terms of the move towards deploying “5G” network technology, with the carrier this week reaffirming plans for commercial deployments beginning next year.

Speaking at Deutsche Bank’s Annual Media and Telecom Conference, Verizon EVP and President of Operations John Stratton said the carrier’s current move towards fixed wireless commercial trials in 11 markets will include both consumers and enterprise customers, which will lay the ground work for actual deployments beginning in 2018.

“Where we are now is we’ve talked a little bit publicly about 11 markets around the U.S. where we are now doing what we call precommercial trials,” Stratton said. “And so we’ll have and are in the process now of engaging live customers, regular standard issue folks, principally consumer but a little bit of business market’s opportunity for them to test and try the service.” Read More