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Smartphone owners under the age of 25 now use a whopping 6.2 GB of cellular and Wi-Fi data each month for mobile video streaming, according to a new report from The NPD Group. 

In its “Connected Intelligence Smartphone and Tablet Usage Report,” NPD group found this figure was 1.3 GB more than the 4.9 GB average for older smartphone users.

The report found the average smartphone user eats up nearly 3 GB of cellular data per month, with video streaming as the top driver of that consumption.

Smartphone users under the age of 25 are also outpacing their peers in terms of time spent watching streamed video content. 

The study found young users spent twice as much time streaming YouTube videos each day than users over the age of 25, and more than twice as much time watching content on Netflix. All told, smartphone owners under the age of 25 reported streaming 14 minutes of YouTube content and 18 minutes of Netflix video per day, compared to the seven and eight minutes older users spent on the services, respectively. Read More